A Star Blogs July Update

At A Star Blogs we continue to strive to improve the experience for our users. In July 2020 the new updates include our Facebook Page, Tumblr Blog, Newsletter and Registration System


  • A Star Blogs Tumblr Edition.
  • A Star Blogs Newsletter
  • A Star Blogs Facebook Page
  • Revised Registration System

A Star Blogs Tumblr Edition

We started a Tumblr Edition of our blog. The purpose of this was to increase post views. We are pleased to announce that every post published on our main blog would be republished on the Tumblr blog as well. We would not however publish the entire post on Tumblr but rather a summary with the important points as well as we would include a link to our main blog.

A Star Blogs Newsletter

A Star Blogs Newsletter
A Star Blogs Newsletter. Source : Pixels.com

We are pleased to announce that we would be starting a newsletter on our blog as well. This newsletter would include the top 10 blog posts published for that month. This newsletter would also give you exclusive access to Abdul Adhl Azeez’s book news and membership club updates. You can read about these updates here.

Note that by publishing the posts on the newsletter we significantly increase traffic to this blog and it’s posts.

Sign up for this newsletter now!

A Star Blogs Facebook Page

We are pleased to announce that we have started a Facebook Page. We look forward to sharing posts published on this blog on that page as well. Don’t forget to like us!

Revised Registration System

We have incorporated a brand new system to register and write blog posts on our blog. Just sign up with a username and a password if you don’t have a wordpress.com account or if you do have an account on wordpress.com, you will be added in less than a minute!

Try it out now!

That’s all for now. Expect more developments in the future!

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