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A Star Blogs is new innovation by which allows anyone to publish their own blog posts and pages.

Yes! You read that correctly. Want to write an article about something? Want to have your own landing page? Anything is possible and the sky is the limit!

Using this blog is totally free. You don’t need to pay a cent for any of the services listed below!

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Ever wanted to start a blog but don’t know how to proceed? No problem! Just register and you can start publishing your own blog posts within a few minutes!

Make a Landing Page

Are you an author, journalist or app developer? You definitely need a landing page to promote your books/services. Contact us and we will set up a beautiful landing page for you. Write blog posts on your books/services and get it promoted across this blog. THIS FEATURE IS NOT SUPPORTED YET. PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT ON astarblogs@gmail.com FOR MORE INFORMATION

What makes us unique

Majority of the blogs out their have content mainly from their own owners and they don’t like you blogging on their platforms. But we do the exact opposite. Once you join by registering we consider you a part of our team and provide you the best opportunity to get your word out on the net.

Using the block editor you can create beautiful blog posts and landing pages. Unlock the power of WordPress without setting your own landing page.

OWe will be honest with you. The theme this website runs on is unique. We have a small community within our site that allows users to “follow” each other and receive notifications whenever they publish a post. This is due to us being granted access to a special theme called “P2”.

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