Terms of Service


This document gives, in clear terms what you can expect from us by blogging on our system or using a landing page and what we expect from you as an author


What we allow

  • Informative Content
  • Upto 3 Images a blog post including the featured image (Why?)
  • Affiliate Links (See below)
  • PayPal Buttons
  • Embedding videos
  • Including any supported embeds
  • Contact forms
  • Quizzes
  • Promoting Products including self promotion
  • Conspiracy Theories

What we don’t allow

  • Posts where majority of the content is related to political views
  • Racism
  • Links to Pirated Software/Movies and Malware
  • Links to ponographic sites
  • Ponographic material/photographs
  • Obscene/Inappropriate Language
  • Anything that violates WordPress.com’s Terms of Service

Our Media Library

Our media gallery may only contain

  1. Screenshots by author
  2. Royalty Free Photographs
  3. Photographs taken by the author
  4. Testimonial Images of Submitter

The Three Images Rule

We implement the three images rule because of limited storage. If you exceed the limit we may delete the last image or image of least relevance.

Using Images by other Authors

You may use images provided by other Authors except images stored for testimonials. We do in fact encourage you to do this to avoid exceeding the storage limit.

Using Affiliate Links

You need to declare if you use Affiliate Links by law. Use the following template if you like. Your text must contain the same meaning.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission at no cost to you by any purchases you make by clicking on those links. These store cookies on your computer/device.

Rules when Posting

  • Follow the guidelines above
  • Inserting the default Footer is compulsory
  • You may or may not enable comments. This is at your sole discretion.
  • Please use the categories properly

Sharing on Social Media

We encourage you to share our blog on social media. Do please avoid spamming. If our website gets blocked because of you, you will be removed and reported to WordPress. You will be fined 100$ as well.

What happens if you break the guidelines?

If you are reported

We will first send you an email and notify you that you have been reported. We will personally check if your content has anything to be reported or if it was a spammer.

If we find anything we will remove it. But if your content has a majority of violations we will place the following on your page.


We regret any inconvenience caused

If you modify/remove the footer block

We will move your page to our drafts and you will see this

Sad face!

We will hold a full investigation and if you have repeatedly violated our Terms of Service we will not give you permission to publish/edit/delete posts. We would modify your user settings so that your content must be moderated by our Editors