Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is required by law. It shall be referred to in case the need arises. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at our discretion. If this significantly impacts the users of this website we will I form them as soon as possible

Identifying the Parties Involved

Us means the administrator and the editors of this blog. Authors refer to the users who write posts and publish them. Visitors refer to anyone other than an author who visits our site.

Methods Used To Collect Data

This website uses third party applications as well as we collect data as well

Third Parties

  • Google Search Console
  • WordPress
  • Affiliate Links

How we collect data

  • Through Contact Forms
  • Through Testimonials

Google Search Console

This collects data and gives us information such as how many people visited the website and the search terms used etc.


WordPress uses cookies to collect data and give us statistics. Furthermore for Authors, WordPress collects their email address to initiate a login to our site. The Author’s email address is not known to us not is the password used to login to this website.

Affiliate links

As part of our Terms Of Service, we allow Authors to use Affiliate Links. Visitors must bear in mind that affiliate links use cookies stored on your device to track sales. The relevant author is also required by law to disclose affiliate links. If anyone violates this policy we will take action against them. You can report this here.

Contact Forms

Our contact forms collect email addresses and names as well. We do not expose this information to anyone else. We collect this data in order to email the person.


We collect the email address and testimonial of the person submitting it. We also may collect a photograph of that person to display on our website with their permission only.


This website uses cookies. Cookies are managed by WordPress. Please refer their Cookie Policy for further information.

Children’s Online Privacy Policy Compliance

This website uses WordPress to allow authors to login. Any author must be above 13 to use a WordPress account. All our content is monitored for child protection and we will take serious action against any Author who violates this. You can report such authors here.

What we are not liable for

This website is hosted on

  • Malware attacks
  • Corruption of databases
  • Server errors
  • Breach of data


If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy please do not visit the site