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Publishing and Writing Blog Posts

Did you know that you can even write blog posts from your mobile phone? Surprised? We have more for you in store!

The Interface

There are two main interfaces you get. interface

AStar Blogs default interface

WordPress Interface

The WordPress Interface shows you some interesting features. You have a Reader, WordPress logo and a notification sign. Click on the WordPress logo

You get this if you go to

This is where your sites will be listed. Your primary site will be on top and you can switch sites as you wish. Now take a moment to press the three lines on top.

These are your tools. You can add new blog posts

This shows you your “Tools”. To add a new blog post, simply click Posts> Add New. If you don’t feel like writing an entire blog post then you can go to Drafts> Add Draft.

AStar Blogs Default interface

Note: To see this interface you must be logged onto

You will see this interface whenever you navigate to the home page of our blog or type in

If the arrow sign is down, then you see the blog feed.

This is your main blog feed. Like, reply or follow your favourite authors

If the arrow sign is up, you see your “dashboard” . Now here comes the fun part! Click any link you like and it will show you your mentions, posts etc. To begin blogging , make sure the arrow is down and press the + button. If you use a computer this option won’t be visible but you will get a What’s Up ||Username||. If you don’t see the + feature, click the block button on top

You can check out what you missed

To Add Blocks press the + button. You can even search for blocks. If you are unfamiliar with using the block editor please see our article on Using the Block Editor below to make full use of all the amazing and cool features.

Quick edit mode

We would love to remind you though that advanced options such as categories can’t be set using the “quick editor”

This is what you see when you press the + button


We will cover the basic blocks. For use of advanced blocks please browse our Help Centre.

  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Image
  • Social Icons
  • Separator
  • Videos
  • List
  • Click to tweet
  • Inserting links

Heading Block

The heading block is used to insert headings. There are six types of headings you may choose from.

Tip: Use different sizes of headings for different hierarchies of your content

Paragraph Block

Use the Paragraph Block to write descriptions. The dots on the settings bar allows you to choose different sizes, colours etc.

Image block

The Image block allows you to add images. As per our rules you may add only three images per blog post.

Any extra images you are may be deleted. You can only use royalty free images or images you took yourself. Feel free to use images in our media library as well.

Tip: Yes you can use more than three images by embedding. Please have a look at our support section for more information.

Social Icons

Social Icons are used if you want someone to follow you on any social media. Make sure you have your URL handy though. You can add our “Post Social” block by searching for it in the block editor.


Use the separator if you want to provide a clear separation between your content. You may use this in conjunction with the “Click to Tweet”


You can’t use the video block to play videos on the website but you can embed the video from YouTube or any other platform. Just use a short code block and copy paste the URL or just paste the URL onto a blank paragraph block.


Use a list to organise facts. You can either insert an ordered or unordered list.

Click to Tweet

This is a very handy tool. Use a separator and this block to allow readers to tweet your content

Visit A Star Blogs, a place where anyone can blog!

Inserting Links

For external links highlight the text and click the (-) button to insert the link. For links within the blog pages you can just search the name of the page and insert the link. For page jumps click here.

If you insert affiliate links check our Terms of Service on how to declare them.

For other blocks click here

After Writing Your Blog Post

Tip: Check our article on the best way to write a blog post if you are new to the system

There are a few things you need to do once you finish your blog post

  • Set a featured Image
  • Set the Categories
  • Set Tags
  • Proof read
  • Enable Comments
  • Set the excerpt and Read More block
  • Add the “Blog Post Footer”
  • Publish!

Featured Image

A featured image is one of the best ways to boost your blog post anywhere from Google to Social Media. You can use the first image from your blog post if you like. Be creative!

Set Categories

A category is important as it instructs Google how to categorize your post. You can set the categories from the cogwheel icon on the top and going to “document”. If you don’t set the categories our team will set them for you.

You won’t see the add category option

Set Tags

Another cool feature is tags. Tags work the same way as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook tags work. Set the tags from the cogwheel icon and “documents”. If you use the quick edit mode using # will also generate tags.

Add tags using the #feature as well

Proof Read

Make sure your links work and your grammar is correct by using the preview feature. Be sure to click the cloud icon though to save your work!

Enable Comments

To enable Comments go to the cogwheel icon and “Documents”

Set the Excerpt

The Excerpt is what you see on search engine results. Use excerpts to attract your potential readers.

Set the Excerpt here

Set the Read More Block

Search for the “More” block and copy your excerpt.

The More block adds a “Read More” button to your post on the home page. You must do this to avoid cluttering our home page. If you don’t do this our editors will do this for you.

This is how a post looks like with a More block

Add the Blog Post Footer Block

Search for the block by pressing the + button. The block will look like this.

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